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Red Clay

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Bag of approximately 25 kg, dry red clay powder, ecological and purified from bacteria, suitable for internal and external use, packed in double layered paper bags, protected from moisture and covered on top with a plastic bag, then properly packed in boxes of double-layer cardboard and resistant to handling, dimensions 40x35x30 cm.

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Medicinal red clay is a true gift of nature because it absorbs harmful radiation, destroys diseased cells, detoxifies the body by extracting toxins from the skin, reduces inflammation and has soothing and cooling effects. It is, in itself, a complete and effective remedy in the treatment of over 300 ailments"

Its characteristic reddish color is due to the iron and copper oxide content.


Therapeutic properties of medicinal red clay:

-Extremely effective for sensitive and delicate skin, having a tonic and vitalizing role.

- Fights acne and body intoxication, acting as a toxin extractor.

-It is an excellent exfoliant and successfully fights acne, ridding the pores of toxins that block the correct exit of waste, thus eliminating blackheads and pimples.

-Improves hair, making it stronger.

-Cleanses the skin and regenerates cells.

- Fights cellulite and varicose veins.

- It is used in physiotherapy, its anti-inflammatory role has been known since ancient times, being a real sedative.

- Heal chronic muscle injuries.

-It is an excellent astringent, antiseptic and antimicrobial.

-May work as a decongestant.

-Eliminates fluid retention in different areas of the body.


What does red clay contain?

In addition to the listed effects, surprisingly for scientists, clay contains a series of minerals that the human body also contains (because from the earth we were created and to the earth we return), thus confirming the biblical explanation.

Among the most known minerals are:

Calcium: excellent for bones, tendons and joints, it also eliminates certain problems that can occur in the nervous system.

Silicon: can fight arteriosclerosis and greatly accelerates recovery in cases of sprains and fractures. It also improves the elasticity of the body and helps the respiratory, vascular and nervous systems to function properly.

Magnesium: allows the defense to increase and prevent aging, works as a general tonic and cellular vitalizer for the skin and nervous system.

Zinc: it is necessary for immunity, it helps the reproductive system by improving fertility and the maturation of the male sexual organs, it also helps in the formation of tissues, etc.

Sodium and potassium: they play an important role in regulating the level of liquids in the body and together they form a dynamic duo with a role in the transmission of nerve impulses at the neuronal and cellular level, they also intervene in cellular metabolism.

Iron: extremely important for the regeneration of blood cells, it helps the supply of oxygen at the cellular level and intervenes in metabolism, helping to obtain the energy we need.

Copper: extremely important for the function of many enzymes, regulates metabolism, helping the body make energy by combining with iron and produce red blood cells, bones and connective tissues. Copper also helps with skin and hair pigmentation, influences heart function and acts as an antioxidant, reducing free radicals that can damage cellular DNA.

Method of preparation and correct use:

External use:

  • Mix the dry powder, until it becomes a homogeneous paste, about 1 cm thick, (the poultice is not very hard, but soft enough to be spread with a wooden spoon), with water or vegetable or essential oils, and in this way you can increase its properties and virtues and in size, adapted to the affected area.
  • Before applying this poultice it is necessary to have clean skin. It can be applied with the help of a wooden spoon (do not use a plastic or metal spoon or bowl, but wood, glass or porcelain), applying little by little with the wooden spoon, the pasty content on a thermal fabric (maybe be it of fine wool or any other thermal fabric, which allows the passage of water, but does not retain it), calculating approximately the amount and the surface we want to apply. Once the operation is finished, we gently insert both palms under the fabric, carefully lift the poultice, bringing it carefully to the body and...slap!!...we stick the poultice on the affected area or indicated by the naturist specialist, leave the thermal fabric exactly as it is, cover it with some towel, and at the end we fix everything with a bandage or scarf, and if the area of application is the abdomen, we can use an abdominal bandage (waist) with hedgehogs for adjustment, which can be found at technical-sanitary stores. The duration of maintaining the poultice can be between 2 and 6 hours. After use, the red clay poultice is thrown away, being loaded with toxins, and replaced with a new one.
  • It should not be applied close to mucous membranes or eyes, as this may irritate the area.
  • It is important that it is applied to the entire area indicated by the specialist and that it is applied perfectly wet, because this is when the clay works effectively. It should not be allowed to dry completely, and once you notice that the clay is starting to dry, it should be removed from the skin with plenty of water.
  • Frecventa cataplasmelor variaza in functie de afectiune si gravitate, in anumite cazuri complexe, fiind nevoie de aplicarea lor 24 ore din 24. Consultati specialistul naturist, Emanoil Cosma, la tel 0034671688019 si el vă va indica cum este mai bine.

Internal use:

At the digestive level, red clay, suitable for internal use, has a purifying role, by inactivating pathogenic digestive flora, an antimicrobial, antiseptic role and, last but not least, it nourishes the body through its mineral content, not before collaborating to restore the intestinal flora and correct absorption of nutrients.

Method of preparation for internal use: in the evening, before going to bed, mix half a teaspoon of red clay in 150 ml of water, stir with a wooden spatula for 4-5 minutes and leave to settle overnight, following that the next day, immediately after waking up, without shaking the glass, drink only the reddish liquid on top, not the formed sediment.

The duration of administration depends on the condition and severity and is determined only by your naturist specialist.

Is red clay toxic?

In general, no warning is known about red clay, correctly processed, purified from bacteria and whose ecological origin is known. It is recommended not to be ingested directly and to be kept away from mucous membranes and eyes. Otherwise, there is no danger.

It is extremely important to know where the clay comes from, as it is often fraudulently contaminated with other types of products, which can cause skin problems and create a large number of dangerous allergic reactions. Some of these can seriously injure the skin, causing severe irritation and rashes.

Another problem would be the origin of the clay from soils cultivated and chemicalized with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc., which interacted and canceled many of the minerals contained, largely affecting its therapeutic effect.

Side effects of red clay

In the case of sensitive skin, a certain type of irritation may occur (mostly caused by toxins trying to get out through the pores of the skin, but without success). It is recommended to wash the area with warm water, dry it completely, then use moisturizing creams to combat these effects. If the irritating effects persist, you only need to take a break for 1-2 days, leaving a little lemon juice on the irritated area for 5 minutes, then wash it off with warm water and usually, the irritation disappears by itself.

In some cases, you need to take into account each of the components that this clay has and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.

The clay we offer our clients is a dry brick-red powder, extremely fine and pleasant to handle, being certified with an optimal mineral content. It comes from the fertile and ecological lands of Catalonia, it is purified from bacteria, being passed through special ovens and is successfully used for internal and external use by the most famous spas and physiotherapy centers in Western Europe, and in addition, the experience and the thousands of satisfied customers confirm this.

In order to obtain maximum therapeutic effects, it is recommended to combine clay poultices with a lifestyle based on the 10 laws of health and the simultaneous application of complementary treatments specific to your condition.

Mr. Emanoil Cosma, naturist specialist with training in nutrition, can indicate the personalized program you must follow. He can be contacted at: 0034/671688019 or email: info@reformaprovita.com

The transport is included in the price for Peninsular Spain, Romania and the rest of the EU countries and is carried out in 5-7 working days, from the date of receipt of payment (except non-EU countries, where the delivery time may be longer, depending on customs process).

For other areas, check the price by calling: 0034671688019 (also Whatsapp or Telegram).

RETURN POLICY: The return of the product will be accepted, only if the goods and packaging have not been unsealed, being in good condition to be returned, and the transport will be borne by the customer.

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Weight 25 kg
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