Give hope to those who are sick and without material resources!

I am Emanoil Cosma, licensed nurse, specialized in medical emergencies and family medicine, with training in nutrition and metabolism.

You have surely heard about the work I do, and if you still don't know it, I invite you to join the Facebook group: Pro Health Reform and natural treatments.

Now that you understand how many sick people there are in this world, you realize that a great many of them not only cannot afford a full treatment, but they do not even have money for the necessary food. I really want to help everyone, but I am limited in resources and need your support.

If you would like to donate, I thank you in advance and encourage you to explain why you have chosen to support this cause by leaving a message either on the Facebook group or a comment here.

Thank you for your support. God bless you with health and faith!

Emanoil Cosma- Licensed medical assistant. Naturopath. Coach in nutrition and metabolism.