Do you know the benefits of fasting for your health?

Do you know the benefits of fasting for your health?

Following this simple advice you will quickly feel all the benefits of fasting in your health and well-being. Everything in nature has its balance. Each side of the elements complement and balance each other to make everything work perfectly and in harmony. Just as the day has night, and work has rest, fasting will complement our daily eating making you feel better.

Please, read the lessons several times. Remember that the human being consists of a physical part, a mental part and a spiritual part. All of these parts are related, so that each one affects the other, both for good and for bad. To be healthy and balanced we must nourish and exercise the body, mind and spirit daily. So do not forget to review each lesson daily physically, mentally and spiritually, and share it with people you know who can be of help.

There are many people physically and mentally ill. The way to fix it is not with medication, but by studying and following the laws that affect the body, the mind and the spiritual part. We must live according to these principles if we want to be healed and be healthy, happy, good, honest and honest people. We cannot make those around us happy, if we are not happy ourselves. We must treat others, as we would like them to treat us.

The fifth principle of Natural Law: "Fasting and Abstinence." Benefits of fasting for your health

Nature itself teaches us the balance: there is night and day, winter and summer, cold and heat, work and rest. Fasting balances food, just as each element balances its opposite in nature. Maintaining this natural balance you will feel better. All the benefits of fasting and balance that it will bring to you will be noticed soon in your day-to-day life.

When the balance is broken, sooner or later the physical or mental illness will come. It is breaking with the natural order, and this has its consequences. Many overwork and have little rest. Others have a very sedentary job and do not do enough physical exercise. Some do a lot of physical work, but little mental work. All of these cases will bring physical and mental health problems over time. Both the mind and the body need to be properly exercised every day.

Devoting too much time to television and movies will not keep you healthy for long. It is even worse when you neglect to learn daily about the rules of healthy living to care for the body, the mind, and the spiritual part.

Benefits of the curative and preventive fast

Fasting not only keeps you healthy by maintaining your natural balance and preventing illnesses, it also helps you to cure diseases. When there is a fever, cold, flu, tonsillitis, cough, throat infection, cystitis, among others, you have to fast. Depending on the severity, one, two or three days of fasting will do your health well. You will notice the benefits of fasting in your health soon.

Take only four glasses of depurative broth adding the juice of a lemon at the time of drinking. On the second day, take the same broth adding the juice of two lemons to each glass. And on the third day we will put the juice of three lemons to each glass.

Drink also two liters of water a day, as we explained in this article on how to drink water properly. There is no more natural, effective, fast, harmless and economic remedy for these cases than the one mentioned.

For severe cases, abstinence from the Crude Regime is recommended for one week, after the three-day fast cure. After this you will feel like new and totally restored, thanks to the benefits of fasting in your health.

The preventive fast consists of one day a week of fasting, with three glasses of depurative broth adding the juice of a lemon at the time of taking it. In addition to six glasses of water, take an infusion of mint-pennyroyal with a little honey. In this way you will cleanse and give rest to the stomach, regenerating and assimilating food better. It will prevent you from having colds and other diseases.

Decalogue of Mental and Spiritual Law: the fifth principle

The fifth Commandment of the Law of God is found in the Bible, in Exodus, chapter 20 and verse 12. It says: "Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may lengthen in the land that Jehovah your God gives you. The Apostle Paul mentions it in the Epistle to the Ephesians, chapter, 6 and verses 1 through 3. It says: "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is just. Honor your father and your mother, which is the first Commandment with Promise, so that it may go well with you, and you may be of long life on Earth."

In the Bible and Deuteronomy, 27: 16, it says: "Cursed is he who dishonors his father, or his mother." In the Bible and in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, 25: 1 to 9, it reads: "Then certain Scribes and Pharisees of Jerusalem came to Jesus, saying: Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? Because they do not wash their hands when they eat bread. Responding He said to them: Why do you also violate the Commandment of God for your tradition? Because God commanded, saying: "Honor your father and your mother; and he who curses father or mother, dies irredeemably "But you say: Anyone who says to his father or his mother: It is my offering to God all that I could help you with, no longer honor your father and mother. Thus you have invalidated the Commandment of God for your tradition. Hypocrites! Isaiah prophesied to you when he said. 'This people of lip honors me; but his heart is far from me, for in vain do they honor me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of Man.'"

Christian children are obligated to take care of their parents and obey the, unless their parents order them to do things that the Law of God forbids. Even so, they should treat their parents with utmost respect and education, and reason with them that it is not fair to obey men against the Commandments of God. The fifth Commandment in the Catechism is "You will not kill" because by annulling the 2nd Commandment "You will not make images", the 6th has remained 5th. Then they have started the tenth in two, which is verse 17 so that the Ten Commandments of the Law of God remain. But this is not the right thing.

To implement

Put into practice today's lesson and share with your loved ones the benefits of the fast that you will experience in your health. Put the previous lessons into practice too. If you want to have physical, mental and spiritual health, you must know and practice the laws that govern the nature of each part. The Physical Law, the Mental Law and the Spiritual Law influence and complement each other, both for good and for evil.

"When men and women truly become, they conscientiously respect the Laws of life that God has established in their being and thus try to avoid physical, mental and moral weakness. Obedience to these Laws must become a personal duty. We must give an account to God for our habits and practices "CRA.19, 20”.