Live healthy in positive. With Emanoil Cosma

Live healthy in positive. With Emanoil Cosma

Do you know the benefits of living healthy eating, drinking, speaking, and acting in a natural and positive way? It is possible to achieve it to have a happier, longer life, with more quality of life and saving a lot of suffering and money.

According to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “nature is the one that cures”. This character from ancient Greece invites us to study and learn to use the resources that nature puts at our disposal to live healthfully. He tells us what the best exercise to practice is, how to breathe better, how to take sun properly, besides suggesting therapies like hydrotherapy, fang therapy, and fast.

Living healthy with what you eat.

Hippocrates taught, besides, that the food should be the medicine and the medicine the food. It is possible to consume food that, besides nourishing us they cure our diseases, same as it occurs inversely: consuming foods that cause diseases such as cancer, myocardial infarction, and ictus, among others.

God always forgives if you regret your mistakes, but nature doesn’t ever forgive, even if you regret, this is the Law of Cause to Effect. “Everything a man sows, this will reap” Galatas, 6:7-10.

This course is not about remedies but of health principles and of living healthy incorporating knowledge to the culture: learning to eat, to breathe, practicing exercise, thinking positively, seeing the good part of life and of the people, and much more.

The objective of this course that we started today is to know the immense possibilities you have to live healthily and be happy knowing the health principles that are within your reach. This, along with the practical part that you will find in what I present on Facebook, will solve most of your health problems, as a couple, the education of your children and also your finances.