How to sunbathe properly

How to sunbathe properly

In this section of the course we will learn about the Second Principle of the Natural Law of Physical Health: we will know how to sunbathe adequately. We will also study the Second Principle of Mental and Spiritual Law to think and live positively. Do the appropriate reforms and start your way to the life you want.

We have already known in the previous article how to have a healthy life breathing, and learning to breathe: the First Principle of the Natural Law of Physical Health. Spend some time each day studying the Principles of Health, and Natural Law. Follow these principles and laws so that you are happier, saving yourself suffering and money, and always Living in Positive.

Find on my Facebook, "Juan Amigó Barba", the practical part of healthy and natural life. You will find in it what you need to know about healthy cooking and natural remedies. My mission is to inform you of healthy and natural life, and of mental and spiritual health, since it is part of each day and the Eternal Salvation. That is why on the Day of Judgment you will benefit from following these laws and principles, having led a positive life. Once I have informed you, you will decide which way to go. I try to be as neutral as possible, nobody feels obligated in anything. God does not bind anyone, but know that each one will reap what he sowed. Remember: "everyone can and should be the builder of their own destiny".

Second Principle of Natural Law: "The Sun". Sunbathe properly.

Without the sun, neither plants nor people could live healthily. The sun gives health and joy to your life. But if you do not know how to take the sun properly and take it badly, it will hurt you. It can also cause sunstroke and skin cancer, as it has occurred to many people.

Most people are guided by fashion instead of studying what is best for their physical and mental health. You will notice it easily when going to the beach between 12 and 16 hours. You will not find a free place for the number of people there will be, and yet, it is the worst time to sunbathe for your health.

To sunbathe adequately, it is recommended for you to go to the beach between May and September, from 7 to 9 in the morning. Not only will you find a place to sit and you will save on creams to protect yourself from the sun's rays, but it will also be good for your health! At this time the sun's rays are a balm, this is the best time to sunbathe properly.

The ideal to have even better results in your health is to run or walk on the beach without stopping by the wet sand of the sea water, instead of lying on the ground. Exercise is good for improving blood circulation, and doing so in the damp sand of seawater will make the best hydrotherapy cure. This hydrotherapy cure benefits the circulation of the blood, strengthens the nervous system, activates the defenses and allows it to acquire vitamin D.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, you will be taking a cold shower and dressing yourself to go home, having had one of the best cures that exist. All this without spending anything and without anyone bothering you because at that time you can choose the best place to be on the beach.

Decalogue of Mental and Spiritual Law: Second Principle.

We read in the Bible, in the Old Testament, in Exodus, chapter, 20 and verses 4 through 6: "You shall not make for yourself an image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or on the earth below, or in the waters below the earth. You shall not bow down to them, nor honor them; for I am Jehovah your God, strong, jealous that I visit the wickedness of the fathers over the children until the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, and I do mercy to thousands, to those who love me and keep my Commandments" (for more information read: Ex.34: 17 + Lev.19: 4; 26: 1 + Deut.4: 15-18; 27: 15 + Ex.34: 6,7 + Num.14: 18 + Deut.7: 9,10).

This Commandment, which is one of the longest, is not found in the Catechism. In general, it is the Evangelical Churches that do observe it. All churches accept the Bible as the Word of God, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant or Evangelical, but with some differences when it comes to practicing Christianity: some are faithful to what the Bible says, while others are guided in some things by tradition, for example. I think we would do well to accept what the Bible teaches us, since it is the Word of God, and the Creator does not change or is wrong. On the other hand, men, even wise men, are wrong at some time, no matter how much goodwill they have.

Take action

We have learned the Second Principle of Natural Law, which affects physical health, and the Second Principle of Moral, Mental and Spiritual Law, which affects our behavior and our relationship with the Creator and our fellow human beings.

Avoid any type of skin cancer, improve your health and even save on sun-protecting creams -which are not very good for your health- simply by making plans to sunbathe properly this summer, following my indications.

Recomiendo que leáis muchas veces Éxodo, 20:1-6 y también Isaías, 44:6-25, para digerir lo dicho sobre el Segundo Mandamiento de la Ley de Dios, de la Ley Moral. Toda nación y todo reino terrenal tiene su ley. Todas las personas honradas procuran respetar la ley de su país, no solo para ser un buen ciudadano, sino también para evitar problemas con la justicia. El Reino de Dios, tiene también su ley, y todos los que quieren vivir en armonía con el Rey de reyes y el Señor de señores, les interesa estudiar la Ley de Dios. A estas personas les interesa vivir siguiendo sus principios para el bien propio, y para el bien de toda la sociedad, y también para prepararse para la eternidad según la promesa de Jesús. Pues si sólo hubiera esta vida, Dios no sería justo y la Naturaleza no sería perfecta.

"One life is granted to us; and the question that each one must ask is: How can I invest my faculties in a way that yields the most benefit? How can I do more to honor God and for the benefit of my fellow men? For life is valuable only to the extent that it is used to achieve these purposes. Our first duty towards God and our fellow human beings is individual development. We cannot afford to belittle any function of the body or the mind. Each person has the opportunity, to a great degree, to make of himself what he chooses to be. God wants us to reach the ideal of perfection made possible for us by the gift of Christ. "

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