Mental Hygiene: benefits of its practice

Mental Hygiene: benefits of its practice

We are already approaching the end of the postulates of Healthy Living and of the Ten Enunciations or Commandments of the Moral Law, not without first remembering that these suggestions are for reflecting and fulfilling them, since in addition to bringing excellent benefits to your life they will convert you to into a positive influence on others; in that way we will contribute to making the world better and better. Therefore, today we will be talking about mental hygiene.

Putting this plan into practice for a harmonious existence will require great willpower; Many will tempt you by casting doubt on the efficacy of these Principles. But if you have prepared for God's help, He will give you wisdom, will, faith and the necessary integrity to carry it out.

Little by little you will notice the results and you will notice the admiration of those around you. But above all, it will be pleasing God and cultivating merits to be part of His Kingdom for all of Eternity.

What we call Mental Hygiene

THE NINTH PRECEPT OF UNIVERSAL WISDOM refers to mental hygiene, which is added to the principle stated above, related to the hygiene of our physical body.

Good habits of mental hygiene allow us to live positively, and the guide to not get lost is to live according to the Ten Statements that Moses received from God at Mount Sinai.

Remember that the human being is made up of body, mind, and spirit; We cannot say that we have health when one of these three aspects is not being taken care of.

We live in a sick and addicted society. Anxiety, depression, and stress are just some of the psychological problems that affect us every day, and to counteract them people use and abuse of different drugs, such as alcohol, snuff, sleeping pills and other tranquilizers.

God is your guide to achieve mental hygiene

In the biblical text, you can find the Ten Enunciations or Commandments in Exodus: 20,1-20. Its content can be divided into two important groups: the first consisting of the first four commandments, related to our duties to God, and the second consisting of the remaining six, related to our duties towards our neighbor.

For there to be a true balance in our lives and in our society it is important to know and follow the Physical Law and the Moral Law; both equally.

Unfortunately, there are still many Christians who do not fulfill these precepts and commandments, which have generated many problems and mental and physical illnesses in our current world.

The way we live depends on the way we think; that is why it is so important to cultivate ourselves in the healthy and holy principles of virtuous and healthy life.

“Minte sănătoasă într-un corp sănătos”. Dacă ne aflăm într-o condiție fizică optimă, vom avea și o minte lucidă care ne permite să avem un discernământ clar a ceea ce este bine și ce este rău.

Mental acuity, physical strength, longevity with quality of life, are the result of faithfully observing natural laws. The Creator God of all does not intervene in favor of those who act against these wise immutable principles. Be aware that with your actions you design your destiny.


In Exodus, 20:16 it can be read: "You shall not speak false testimony against your neighbor." Later in Exodus, 23: 1: "You will not admit false rumors. You will not agree with the wicked to be a false witness. " In Leviticus, 19:11: "You shall not deceive, neither shall you lie to one another," and Matthew, 19:18: "You shall not speak false testimony."

First of all, we are all signed by sin and condemned for all eternity; but we can be redeemed if we accept that we are sinners and recognize Jesus as our savior.

Living accordingly to what God desires for us has to do with fulfilling his wishes in relation to what affects our physical body, taking care of our diet and our habits, but it also includes everything that has to do with mental health and with the moral law.

A lucid mind knows that God is the only Judge; that is why those who are cultivating for salvation do not judge, criticize, and do not condemn. The Creator knows each and every one of our hearts and will judge each one with his justice, which is perfect.

Remember the words of Jesus: "Do not judge so that you are not judged, do not condemn so that you are not condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven because with the stick you measure you will be measured".

Our task in the way of salvation is to love everyone, to forgive and to do good even when we have received evil. Only in that way will we know that we are on the right path.


Everything we do in our daily lives should be done with lucidity and conscience, even when it comes to things as simple as eating, drinking or dressing, since all of them have consequences for our health if they are done ignoring the natural laws for a healthy life, and the consequence of this will be the disease.

Our greatest treasure is life. Therefore, by respecting the desires of God, reflected in its natural laws, we are fulfilling the most important duty towards our Creator, towards ourselves and towards our fellow human beings, since whoever falls ill and dies prematurely for not observing these precepts generates pain and suffering in those around you.

We must remember that the secret to preserving health is Temperance, that is, moderation in all good things because bad things must be avoided altogether.

Working, eating or drinking are good things, but if they are carried out with excess, we would be acting with Intemperance, altering the frequency of our energy and generating negative consequences in our health and in our lives in general.

The laws of nature are the laws of God, and He has given them to us for the attainment of our greatest physical, mental and spiritual well-being. That is the ultimate goal of Hygienic Reform: obeying these principles guarantees a happy life, both in the present and in the future, for the glory of God. AVE. 23.25.